Unfortunately, there is no way to clear all possible issues (or burdens) in one sitting.  It’s a part of our human experience to continue to notice where we get stuck or what is sticking to us.  Not to be discouraging, but clearing energy is needed by everyone from time to time.  We must consistently be noticing what we are noticing so that our best selves can continue to come forward. 

My understanding from both the Ancestral Clearing work and Ho’o Pono Pono, is that we have memories that are held in the subconscious mind that continue to “replay” in our lives.  Some of these memories may have been passed down through the generations of our families, not necessarily experiences that we have personally had in this lifetime (whether we remember them or not).

So, like a house cleaning, it is good to adopt a practice for clearing energies in your body, life, home, spirit on a regular basis.

What to expect after an energy clearing session?  Take it easy.  My experience is that memories are held in layers.  You release or move the ones that show up.  After a session, things will keep moving (as energy keeps moving).  You may notice sensations shifting and dissipating.  Always drink a lot of water, as you might experience a sort of physical detox and drinking water helps move it out of the body.    And, as mentioned earlier, take it easy!