What is Embodied Freedom Coaching?

How do we gain freedom in our lives?  Embodied Freedom coaching is a combination of Ancestral Clearing and Coaching to create a life of freedom.  Morganne is constantly learning how to embody her free life in these areas:  Physically, financially, creatively and spiritually.  She loves to teach others how to do the same. 

Physically and Financially

Your physical space might need physical clearing, which will move or clear the energy.  Our physical bodies create energy all the time which, hopefully, flows into each and every place where it is needed.  Sometimes the body’s energy needs clearing, too.  Personal and business finances can make us feel trapped and may need a clearer path to freedom and flow.

Creatively and Spiritually

Your emotional space and mental space (as well as your spirit) carry energies that can get stagnant or cloudy and need to have energy cleared.  To find creative and spiritual freedom, you might need some guidance.  And to find some guidance, you might need some creative and spiritual freedom! 

It’s all about Freedom

YES!!  I’m READY to:  Free my love!  Free my smile!  Free my laughter!  Free my stories!  Free my body!  Free my voice!  Free my money!  Free my Divinity!  Free my purpose!   (March 22, 2023)

5 steps to clearer energy on your path to Freedom!

Clearing your energy will help you get unstuck and gain focus.

Part of clearing your energy involves clearing your physical space, which is very beneficial.  It is worth noting that when you clear your physical space, your spiritual and mental spaces get clearer, as well.  The reverse is true, i.e. when you find stillness/ calm mind/ prayers with spirit, your physical space will begin to clear.  Inside and outside are so inter-related.  Here are five things to try (they that have worked for me to clear energy and spaces and gain focus):

    1. Adopt a daily meditation practice of at least 10-15 minutes. The stillness that your mind can experience in a quiet morning practice will help with focus and clarity.
    2. For any task that I undertake for organizing or getting clarity and focus, I set a 25 minute timer. I realize that I can do anything for 25 minutes.  It always amazes me what I can get done in one or two 25 minute timers! 
    3. Get some office file boxes. Sort “projects” into the boxes. Even if the project is something that you are currently working on, at least separating it from other papers In your work space can be helpful.  Many of my projects have gone from boxes into binders with dividers.  I notice that the projects seem to change/ regroup / reorganize/ re-prioritize over time.  NOTE:  if you have a few boxes, they can be stacked and covered (by a nice fabric or something inspiring/ uplifting.
    4. Delete old emails AND tidy up the desktop on your computer
    5. Take a 20-30 minute vigorous walk, in the open air and take time to look at the tree tops and the sky.

Admittedly, sometimes what is needed is a neutral person who has some perspective to bring the clarity and harmony that is needed to clear energy.  Morganne integrates energy clearing, physical space clearing and rearranging for seeding and cultivating the conception of your dreams and visions.

Client sessions

She approaches her client sessions as a collaborative effort between herself, her clients and the Divine Creator. Her practice is tailored to individual client’s goals and needs and integrates Embodied Freedom Coaching, Hoo’pono’pono, energetic/physical space clearing, and Ancestral Clearing.  Sessions are by phone, via Zoom, or in person, as needed.

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