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Ancestral Clearing to clear burdens

When I first encountered the Ancestral Clearing work (which was in 2019), I was immediately ‘hooked” and nearly obsessed by my curiosity.  This work was developed by John Newton (www.healthbeyondbelief.com) over years of his personal spiritual journey and...


Personal Connection to a Higher Power

Some people have life experiences with religious observances, customs, understanding that they stay with for their entire lives.  My life’s journey has not been that way. I have been blessed with a robust connection to the source of all that is, Great Spirit,...


What to expect after energy healing?

Unfortunately, there is no way to clear all possible issues (or burdens) in one sitting.  It’s a part of our human experience to continue to notice where we get stuck or what is sticking to us.  Not to be discouraging, but clearing energy is needed by everyone from...