When I first encountered the Ancestral Clearing work (which was in 2019), I was immediately ‘hooked” and nearly obsessed by my curiosity.  This work was developed by John Newton (www.healthbeyondbelief.com) over years of his personal spiritual journey and being a student of others and of the universe.  (He worked with Howard Wills (www.howardwills.com) and credits him with a lot of the prayers which accompany the practice.)

My first, and lasting, impression is the reverence for the Source of all that is, in all name and form.  I first heard him present during a program within which I was a member.  He fluidly listed many names of the Creator/ Higher Power/ God/ Infinite source/ Divine mother/ Divinity/ Great spirit.  I was humbled by the understanding that we each have a personal name and way of connecting with that which answers our prayers, and that is the cornerstone of the work- that understanding.

I enrolled in John’s monthly program on Monday nights and continued to listen and learn.  I have had the wonderful opportunity to be a member in the monthly Advanced program for some time now and have completed Level 1 & 2 training, as well as Level 3 training, which John just began to offer late in 2021.  Each time, my understanding deepens and broadens.  It is an honor and privilege to be on the learning journey with John Newton’s programs and all people I work with.

What is Ancestral Clearing?

 “There’s an intelligent source to all of creation.  We’re basically addressing that intelligence and helping to remove the unresolved burden that we carry, stuff in our past, family and lineage is affecting us, affecting our bodies ability to heal, reduce stress, it can lead to addiction.  So as we resolve things from the past, we become more available in the present… this work is about resolving these things and to reset the nervous system so that we can come from our heart and from our truth and live the life we are here to live. … What suffering really is, it is our story.  It’s not what’s happening in the moment, it’s the judgment, it’s the meaning that we attach  to what’s happening.  As we resolve that story, that narrative or bias, that skewed view of reality, events, people, ourselves, our parents, then we start to be able to perceive what is really there, we start to be able to release stress and to find peace in our body, heart and life.” (transcribed from an interview with John Newton)