What is Ancestral Clearing?

Ancestral clearing is a non-invasive, voluntary process where we access and transmute memories that arise gently during a session.  These memories represent burdens from our earlier life, ancestral lineage and, in some cases, past lifetimes.  We are clearing the burdens, and in doing so, we clear the burdens within our ancestral lineage, children and beyond. 

How will Ancestral Clearing help me?

Have you ever wondered why you keep having the same types of problems or dilemmas with people, places, jobs, money?  When we become aware that there are stuck patterns or problems showing up in our lives, it is a good time to settle down into a session to explore and begin the process of letting go.  Ancestral clearing helps us release unsupportive thoughts and patterns in our lives, so that we can be free and live our lives to the fullest.

 One of the most important things is to be as much of our true selves as possible, so that we can give our gifts to the world. 

It is an honor for me to work with clients clearing ancestral trauma.  It is through this work that true freedom is realized in this lifetime and that invites us to be more of who we dream to be.

Can I do this myself?

It is possible to heal our ancestral lineage through prayer or ceremonies, depending upon one’s community inclination.  However, so much of the trauma and burdens of our families may be unspoken or below the surface.  The Ancestral Clearing ™ process gently guides us to recognize or realize and release the issues as they emerge in a session.  Setting the intention and taking the time will allow us to heal our ancestral lineage and live with more freedom and inspiration.

How do I clear my ancestral lineage?

We all carry burdens from our ancestral lineage, many of which are not in our conscious awareness.  In the Ho’o Pono Pono practice that I have learned, you continue to clean the memories which are stored in the subconscious.  In Ancestral Clearing work, the memories will come into conscious mind and invitation is made to breathe while prayers are offered to the Divine Creator to release the patterns that have been holding you and those who came before you.  It is possible to reach a freedom for you and your ancestral lineage. 

Client sessions

She approaches her client sessions as a collaborative effort between herself, her clients and the Divine Creator. Currently, client sessions are by phone or via Zoom.  Each session is unique and is tailored to individual client’s goals and needs.

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