About Morganne Maher

Morganne wakes up every morning with joy and enthusiasm.  Her daily laughter practice is energizing and her connection to the Divine Creator is beautiful and thriving.  She has spent years creating sacred spaces in homes and gardens, growing food, raising children, loving and growing in her marriage and all relations.  As a formerly incarcerated woman, Morganne never takes her freedom for granted.  She is dedicated to sharing her enthusiasm with her clients and to help unlock their individual paths to freedom and connect with joy, harmony and purpose.

Joy, Freedom and Purpose

What Morganne has noticed is the more she clears and lives in harmony and forgiveness, the more space she has in her life for abundance, creativity and new growth.  Morganne was first introduced to Hoo’pono’pono in the 1980’s when she read the books by Max Freedom Long.  Her practice was amplified starting in 2008 when she studied Self Identity Through Hoo’pono’pono with Dr. Hew Len.  That study has continued.  She became a Certified Hoo’pono’pono practitioner in 2022.  She uses the process of Ancestral Clearing taught by John Newton. Through her Hoo’pono’pono and Ancestral Clearing practices, she has experienced more and more freedom and loves to help clear/ create a path to freedom with others!

Client sessions

She approaches her client sessions as a collaborative effort between herself, her clients and the Divine Creator. Her practice is tailored to individual client’s goals and needs and may integrate embodied freedom coaching, Hoo’pono’pono, energetic/physical space clearing, and ancestral clearing.  Sessions are by phone, via Zoom, or in person, as needed.

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