Embodied Freedom includes movement, story telling, Ancestral Clearing and connection to the cosmos.  We work to create freedom with our money, creativity, lives, relationships.  It’s time to unwind the wound, unearth the buried, disentangle from those binds that hold us.  Working together (either with Ancestral Clearing or Embodied Freedom Coaching), we will unlock the door to your freedom NOW!

Ancestral Clearing

Release burdens and negative patterns in our current life experience and ancestral lineage to change our life, our family and our society

Embodied Freedom Coaching

With Embodied Freedom Coaching, we work together to free your body, mind, and spirit, which will open you up for more joy, peace, love and the actualization of dreams and visions

What Clients are Saying

A couple that I had cared for in my medical practice for many years came to me with an interesting question, “How do I get pregnant?”.  We explored the possibility that there might be some energetic blocks in them individually and in their home that they agreed might be standing in the way.  I contacted Morganne and she had some clear ideas about an approach to take.  She visited the couple in their home for an interview and observed the space and made some rearrangements and did some Embodied Freedom Coaching with them.  It’s always hard to prove a connection with this kind of work and the outcome, but soon the wife was pregnant and delivered a healthy child, their first.

~Dr. Miller, Palo Alto, CA

I have collaborated with Morganne helping a number of couples from my natural medicine practice who were trying to get pregnant. When there are energetic issues at play, Morganne brings a professional approach and some creative and often surprising ideas for shifting the energies that are amazingly successful. I measure success here from the outcomes, with the people we worked with having a successful pregnancy and delivery.

~Dr. Miller, Palo Alto, CA

My time with Morganne is always uplifting, and may I say–FUN! Morganne herself is always immersed in her own creative projects, and I believe that she really understands the trials, obstacles and issues facing those who are striving to actualize their dreams, goals and actualization of their potential. The time I have spent with Morganne has always been nothing short of a blessing.

Steve K., East Palo Alto

Working with Morganne always helps me connect the dots between ancestral beliefs/experiences and my personal/current/beliefs/experiences.  I continue to find clarity; which frees me of stories I’ve been carrying that are not based in my reality. 

Carol F., Boulder, CO

Morganne’s presence is always an inspiration. She turns challenges into new and joyful perceptions

Ginny A., Santa Cruz, CA

About Morganne

Morganne wakes up every morning with joy and enthusiasm. Her daily laughter practice is energizing and her connection to the Divine Creator is beautiful and thriving. She has dedicated her life to finding freedom for herself and others.